What to expect and our most commonly asked questions

Our style 

You will definitely get a vibe looking at the galleries I sent over plus our website and instagram but associating words with this often helps guide your decision on if we are the perfect fit for you. Bright and airy. Timeless and classic. Clean and effortless. Romantic and joyful.  We don't shy away from color and we don't chase the latest trends. We were both trained in film photography and as such we stay pretty true to the craft itself. Our images will look like the real world and reflect your own style as is. We are simply enhancing reality a bit to pretty things up (skin tones, vibrance, romance) and really feature your best selves. I believe we do an amazing job of giving you a wide variety of images - those wedding blog worthy details, portraits of your most important people (including the two of you) and all that warmth and joy of those quiet and loud moments that are whirling around you. If you are planning a dark and moody celebration at a summer camp that is what will be reflected in your day. If you are planning a bright coastal peony filled day you will find that colorful vibrancy in your images. We are not formula-style photographers we are artists and as you can see from the galleries I sent your day, your style, your relationships will guide the day and how we document it. 

Our approach 

80% of your day we are hiding in the shadows. I don't mean that literally. ;) We are simply working in a very non-obtrusive - we are your witness - manner. It is about capturing the realness and representing your day and your experience (and that of your guests) honestly and authentically. Our heart song are the joyful images you see in the gallery online. I swear we have this 6th sense for laughter and we love to capture true genuine emotions. The remaining 20% of the day we are more involved and will step in to guide the portraits. The result of your own portraits is very natural but there is some trickery on our part to get you to that place. We have been doing this for over a decade and have honed our skills at reading people and finding that sweet spot that keeps you the most comfortable in front of the camera. When it comes to the wedding party we are not looking to spend an hour with them or keep them away from the party. We keep the posing simple and classic and try to catch those in between moments when the interaction between everyone happens. Family portraits are, well, family portraits. These are pretty straight forward and we try keep this as painless as possible - 15 to 20 min max. You will have an opportunity to create a shot list for us of the groupings you want for both family and friends who may not be in the wedding party.

Our personality

We have been photographing weddings for over a decade and as a result are pretty easy going on your wedding day. Don't get me wrong we work our tails off to tell your story but we definitely won't add any stress to your wedding day. We always have a smile on our face, work well with other vendors (teamwork is everything) and your priorities will become our priorities. We know many couples have been dreaming about this day for a long time. That it is your one and only day. That it is a huge milestone in building a life together and that you are officially becoming a family. We will always treat your celebration as such. 

Timelines and organization

I do have a handful of educational materials to share with you if you decide to book us. You can expect to receive an engagement style guide, sample timelines, preferred vendor list, suggested family shot list, wedding guide and how to get the most out of your photographs and a questionnaire that is sent about 4 months prior to your wedding to be filled out by you so we can gauge your priorities, finalize your timeline and learn who your people are. 

Second Photographer

• You may want to say yes to a second photographer if...
- You have more than 125 guests
- You are utilizing more than one location the day of your wedding (ceremony in one place and reception in another)
- You are not doing a first look
- You want both your fiance and yourself to both have coverage while getting ready simultaneously 
- Photographs of your details are important to you 

• You may not need a second photographer if...
- You are under 125 guests
- Everything takes place in one spot or locations are near to each other
- You are doing a first look
- You are willing to stagger your getting ready photographs so one photographer can bounce back and forth between the two of you

First Look

Whether you choose to do a first look or not we are going to create beautiful images for you so this is 100% up to you. Light will guide us during a first look. The later in the day your ceremony the better it is for a first look. We do not recommend a first look taking place in a wide open space like a beach at noon where there is limited shade and where harsh light where you will battle squinty eyes and where your images will be extremely contrasty. It is often common to photograph your first look (just the two of you) followed by portraits of the two you then the wedding party and then your immediate family. If extended family is being photographed we recommend doing this immediately following the ceremony and before you head to cocktail hour. We also recommend that you do your portraits without observers scheduling the wedding party to join us at a certain time and then family. A first look is fabulous because you are at your freshest (hair and makeup,) you get to attend cocktail hour therefore spending more time with your guests and it feels like this big exhale after these portraits are over and you can simply enjoy and relax the remainder of the day.


  • On average you will receive in your gallery anywhere from 50-100 images per hour. Sometimes more depending on the complexity and activities at your event. 

  • You will receive your gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding date.

  • Yes you are able to download your images from the gallery. We will provide you with a pin (solely for the two of you) that will allow you to do this. You may share the gallery link with family and friends who may make purchase digital files, prints, etc directly through the gallery. That being said once you download the images you may do what you like with them so if a family member comes to you for an image or asked to print you may use someone other than me to do so. I do run sales throughout the year that you and your guests may take advantage.

  • Your gallery will remain online for one year. 

  • You can always upgrade the collection you originally selected. You may not downgrade your collection once the event agreement is signed. 

  • The complimentary engagement session has a "use it or lose it" policy. However there is some wiggle room with this if you live outside coastal New England and we can discuss this further if you like. Engagement sessions usually last an hour and we always offer to take you out for coffee or cocktail beforehand. Sometimes it relaxes couple to get comfortable with us before the camera comes out and is continually hiding our face. :) Your gallery will be delivered 2-3 weeks from the date of the shoot. 

  • Albums can be added on at any time if they are not included in the collection you choose. These range from 500-2000 dollars. If we are booked I will provide a link that will discuss the process for ordering and will give you the breakdown of the style of albums we offer and the costs. I do design these in house. You will get one round of free changes. Nothing goes to print until the album is approved by you. 

  • Payment schedules are done in thirds. First payment at time of booking, second 4 months prior to wedding and last payment 7 days before wedding. While we prefer checks we do accept credit/debit cards and this can be paid online when I send the initial invoice.