Meet Rachel


A photographer for life. A romantic realist. A travel enthusiast. A wandering spirit and adventurer who believes there can never be enough of that ridiculously loud, open mouth, lost in the moment laughter. I am a Wisconsin native bringing "Midwest Nice" to the New England coastline. I moved to Maine to be with a man who inspired a "close your eyes and just jump" decision. We made our home by the ocean and everyday I wonder how I made it all these years without it.

3 fun facts about me are: I love to listen to Broadway musicals and podcasts. In my spare time I try to travel as much as possible...and play pinball. I am also not ashamed to admit that I will never ever ever share my french fries. Ever. 

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Meet Mark


Film photography aficionado. Owner of Northeast Photographic. A devotee of all things outdoors. I use photography to better understand my environment and the people that I encounter within it. Most recently I called Brooklyn home and spent years photographing weddings in and around NYC. I moved to Maine because I thought it would be crazy not to live somewhere so beautiful.  That choice has been paying off every day since. 

3 fun facts about me are: I have a very furry Dog named Spud and we’re best friends. I have been to a Star Trek convention un-ironically. Sometimes I think I subconsciously moved to Maine so that more things in my life could be flannel lined. 

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