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Rachel Buckley Weddings Featured in Style Me Pretty . Rye, New Hampshire

Now this, this is a big deal for me. Yesterday I woke up to find friends and family sharing this Style Me Pretty feature all over the social media universe. I clicked the link and immediately began my celebratory and now standard Beyonce hair-flip/failed attempt booty dance. This styled shoot was a beautiful collaboration between myself and event designer and stylist Leander Matos Weddings who pulled together this incredible team of amazingly talented wedding professionals. 

So why is this a big deal for me? Uh, first of all it is Style Me Pretty!!! Holla! (yes, I just said holla) Second of all, I have been in business for 10 years. 7 years based out of the Midwest (Go Packers!) where I had established a solid client base, strong word of mouth referrals, which is code for no marketing plan what so ever, and if I am being really honest a business that, at that point, basically ran itself. I had my tribe of people that showed up nearly everyday to participate in my brand. Year 7 brought with it my own personal adventures and an unexpected love story of my own which resulted in a "throw caution to the wind" relocation to Maine. *insert Beyonce hair-flip part two because Maine, Maine...I am head over heels for it! 

So began the next chapter in my life and a new market for my business. Yikes! I could not have foreseen the challenges that lay before me in an industry that has changed so drastically since my first foray in 2006. An industry that is now incredibly oversaturated with photographers and, quite frankly, a profession and craft that is no longer valued the way it once was. It has been extremely challenging and enormously character building for me to start again. To find myself at the bottom looking up once more, missing the name recognition that in hindsight I so sorely took for granted. But, and there is always a but for this is not a "woes me, woes me" post, I have been so lucky in friendships, wedding professionals and otherwise, who believe in me, who support me and, who lend an ear when I want to scream out, "What did I do to my life!?" And, as this shoot proves, who are also willing to collaborate with me. I am so grateful. 

So, whew, long story short (er, not so short) I have never participated in a styled shoot before. It was and is such a pleasure to wake up one morning and find that my first one has been featured on SMP. I am over the moon! 

Thank you to all the magical people listed below, you are incredible!

Photography : Rachel Buckley Weddings

Planning, design & styling : Leander Matos Weddings

Cinematography : Selah Films

Wedding Dress Designer : Kate McDonald Bridal

Model : Lindsay James

Hair Stylist : Chelsey Drapeau

Makeup Artist : The Crown Boutique

Floral Design : Flower Kiosk

Stationary & Calligraphy : Els Cards

Voice Over : Jay Palmer