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BIG announcement from Rachel Buckley Weddings! Meet our newest team member, Mark Sperry!

I am BEYOND thrilled to introduce you to our new associate photographer, Mark! This guy right here is a fiercely talented individual who is passionate about photography, creating authentic imagery, and is also the owner of Northeast Photographic, a premier film lab here in Portland, Maine. 

Mark and I first bonded over the fact that we both have Midwestern roots (bring on the beer brats!,) both had to "reboot" our lives as Maine transplants and we both have a love for photography that goes well beyond just weddings. We knew early on with photography that "this is it!" and the camera, and how we see through it, naturally became our 7th sense. 


We have 20 years experience between the two of us and have photographed over 350 weddings. We still thrive on the artistic challenges a wedding day brings with it but feel confident in saying you'd be hard-pressed to find a scenario that would surprise us or a situation that we haven't been in before. When I heard Mark moved to Maine, after years of associate shooting in NYC, I knew I wanted to add him to the team asap. To say that I'm over the moon to have Mark on board is an understatement. Working with him over the last year has been a dream. 

Mark's favorite moments on the wedding day occur shortly after he arrives and before the day really gets rolling with events. He loves the quiet moments that unfold between a bride and the mother prior to the dress being put on or that last "cheers to the groom" before he leaves his groomsmen to head down the aisle. Mark is excellent at seeking out the most beautiful spots for portraits, is incredible at catching the details and brings this calming energy to the day. Being trained in film, he is very intentional in how he works. Everything is exactly as it should be in each and every frame. Honestly, if he could, he'd be shooting primarily with his 1950's Rolleiflex camera at every wedding. It is by far his favorite item in the camera bag. I am thrilled to announce that with the addition of Mark, Rachel Buckley Weddings is officially able to offer hybrid photography collections. The best of both photography worlds on your wedding day - digital and film! 

When I was putting together this post I asked Mark a bunch of silly, just-for-fun, non-photography related questions: 

Morning person or Night person?   Night. 

Cholula or Siracha?   Cholula. 

Spotify or Podcast?   Podcast. 

Airplane or Road Trip?   Road Trip. 

Ocean or Mountains?   Ocean AND Mountains. 

These totally made me smile because same, same, same, same, same. I am exactly 100% the same. Yet another reminder of why we work so well together. ;) My favorite answer, however, was this:

If you could live anywhere, truly ANYWHERE, in the world where would it be?   RIGHT HERE!

Yaasss! I mean, how many people can say that!? What a wonderful position to be in! As someone who could not love this state and region more I whole-heartedly agree with him. We both simply can not get enough of this magical place called Maine!


I am so excited to have him on the team, capturing life's most beautiful moments in the most beautiful places and in the most beautiful way possible! To see more of Mark's work (and mine too, of course) head on over to Instagram here and be sure to keep an eye out as we have lots of new blogs headed your way soon!  


photo credit : Courtney Elizabeth Media

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